Nick has cultivated and maintained a hands-on approach in building business relationships which link and facilitate growth in both profit and non-profit sectors.

Nick is a true champion — both on and off the field. He was an asset and pillar on every team he had the honor of playing for. From his major contributions on the U.S. youth World Cup teams to back-to-back NCAA championships at Indiana University and MLS championship teams, he has mastered teamwork and success. He leads teams through overcoming obstacles to soar through goals and he does so while inspiring others along the way. Nick's treasure-trove of contacts and experiences forms a network of assets, proving invaluable time and again.

NicK garcia 

Athlete, coach, mentor, consultant, entrepreneur, community ambassador and world traveler, Nick Garcia has used his 11 years of professional soccer experience and travel across the world to evolve to his current community leader and developer consultant status.


Nick played an integral role as team representative for the Major League Soccer Players Union both prior to and during the collective bargaining process with league officials. Nick's involvement with the players union improved contract conditions and growth of the league through open dialogue between league management and players. His growing experience has made him a straightforward negotiator with his considerate approach to people and business.

​In 2011, Nick founded and launched G3 INC. as a dynamic multi-functional company to develop, leverage and facilitate profit and non-profit ventures. Nick is truly one of the good guys with his authentic personality and business approach.

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An avid sport fan (especially baseball), Sadie enjoys playing volleyball and softball and watching her favorite teams: Kansas City Royals, Sporting Kansas City and the Cincinnati Reds.

Sadie lives in the Brookside neighborhood of Kansas City, MO with her husband, Greg, and their two daughters, Gwyneth & Annie.

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Sadie johnson

As the marketing director for GThree, Sadie brings a wealth of experience from her training as a writer and editor. 

A native of Covington, KY (just outside Cincinnati, OH), Sadie attended Northern Kentucky University where she majored in Communications with a minor in Speech Communications. After college, she worked as a newspaper and magazine reporter before entering the corporate world, working in client communications for an investment management company.